Imagefilm Allgäuer Alpenwasser

Moritz Sonntag

Year of Production: 2017 - Germany

Time: 90 sec

Production / Director / Camera / Edit

Imagefilm for the relaunch of Allgäuer Alpenwasser in 2017. In 2017 the Allgäue Alpenwasser had a complete relaunch with new marketing strategies.

Malishan - Taiwan Canyoning Expedition

Moritz Sonntag

Year of Production: 2017 - Germany/ Austria/ Taiwan

Time: 50.13 min

Production / Director / Camera / Edit

Full length documentary about the world's longest canyoning descent in 2016. The international team did a successfull 8-day first descent down the Malishan River in Taiwan.

Det er her. (engl. It is here.)

Moritz Sonntag

Year of Production: 2014 - Norway/ Austria

Time: 8.50 min

Director / Camera / Edit

"Best shortfilm v-shorts" - Alpinale 2016

Official selection - Teheran International Film Festival 2015

Official selection - Bergen International Film Festival 2014

The White Maze

M-Line/ Red Bull Mediahouse

Year of Production: 2016 - Siberia/ Russia

Time: 50 min


Full lenght documentary about the two freeskiers Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and Matthias Mayr as they realized their first descent of Gora Pobeda - East-Siberias highest peak.

Endless Local

Moritz Sonntag

Year of Production: 2015 - Hawaii/ Germany

Time: 2 min

Director | Camera | Edit

Photography and Filming for the new image campaign of endless local. View the entire work on their webpage

Mythos Hawaii

Moritz Sonntag

Year of Production: 2016 - Hawaii/ Germany

Director | Camera | Photography

Multimedia-documentary about a travel to Hawaii and the Ironman WM in Kailu-Kona.

View the documentary here.

Trainingszone BKK

Moritz Sonntag | Allgäu Triathlon

Year of Production: 2016 - Germany

Time: 5x 2 min

Director | Camera | Edit

Series of 5 shortfilms about triathlet Nils Goerke and his thoughts about preparing for one of Germanys oldest triathlons.

Peak Performance

Moritz Sonntag

Year of Production: 2015 - Fuerteventura

Time: 3,5 min

Director | Camera | Edit

Short portrait about the adventure racing team of Peak Performance and their training habbits in Fuerteventura.


Moritz Sonntag | University of Agder (NO)

Year of Production: 2015 - Norway

Time: 6x 12 min

Co-Producer | Director | Camera

Bachelor-Work at University of Agder (NO). TV documentary about two friends travelling to 6 festivals in Norway to experience the summer of their life... and to find out why festivallive is so important to young folks.

Wege sind da, um sie zu gehen.

Moritz Sonntag, Christoph Skofic, Dejan Ninjentovic,

Caroline Hofer

Year of Production: 2014 - Austria

Time: 5,5 min

Shared Project

Studentproject at the university of applied science in Dornbirn/ Vorarlberg.